What good is hope? You can't hold it in your hand or see it blowing in the wind. But as Christians our faith gives us hope, and in hope we find comfort—even joy—in times of trouble.

Hope in the life of the poor is more valuable than you know. When hope is infused into a community that knows only the confines of poverty, perspectives begin to change. People begin to believe they can contribute to the greater society, even change it for the good. Hope, though you can't see it, changes lives.

Give HOPE Sunday is about educating your congregation. It's about showing them how hope is distributed through small loans to people living in poverty. It's not about a once-and-done offering for the poor. Your participation will have a lasting impact on individuals, families, and communities; a small loan can create opportunity for a mother to clothe, feed, and send her children to school.

HOPE International is in the dream business. They use small loans, biblically-based business training, and savings services as catalysts to release people from physical and spiritual poverty. They have found that when people are offered a chance to make their lives better, great things happen.

You can be part of it with Give HOPE Sunday. Sign up now to become a host.