Thank you for participating in Give HOPE Sunday. Your participation will impact your
church and the global community for years to come. To make the most of the day,
please use the resources below in whatever way works best for your church.

To download the following resources, sign up and we'll email you these resource links.


Sermon Notes

We provide talking points and scripture prompts on the issue of poverty.

Bulletin Insert

We provide your congregation with a small summary of what HOPE International does throughout the world and ways they can get involved. We also provide an insert you can use to promote Give HOPE Sunday prior to the 16th.


We provide a poster you can use throughout your church campus or community.


In addition to the resources here, we provide the Give HOPE Sunday logo so you can create your own materials.

Trailer Video

We provide a trailer video to get people interested in Give HOPE Sunday and remind them of the date of the event. This can be used for promotional purposes.


We provide an eight-minute video to strengthen your sermon points. Use this for transitioning into the sermon and introducing the topic of poverty.

We also provide the trailer video with a different ending so it can be played on the 16th if you want a shorter video.

Discussion Questions

To learn more about mircofinance read Peter Greer's book, The Poor Will be Glad and then use these questions as a discussion guide to work through with a small group.